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Bizyhood provides the tools you need to grow your online brand.

Customized Business Profile

Become a force online – claim your Bizyhood profile and give your customers easy access to your contact information, hours of operation, areas of service, social media links, photo gallery, and more.

Online Feedback

Engage in "conversations" with your customers online – take advantage of Bizyhood’s simple-to-use interface to get feedback from users about things like quality, service, and effectiveness. Unlike most review sites that control what gets displayed and when a business can engage with their customers, Bizyhood encourages open interaction.

Customer Service

Get real-time questions from consumers – decide if the messages are private or public and be notified right away when your customer needs your attention. And, to help future clients, you can capture these questions to create your own FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for your website.

Promotions and Events

Inform your customers of what’s going on with you – announce all your corporate initiatives and broadcast the news easily on social media sites, your own website, email, and hyper-local destination sites.

Social Publishing

Allow your business to take any content on Bizyhood (Feedback, Questions, Events, Promotions) and publish it with a single click to all your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc), your website, and hyper-local destination sites.

Local SEO

Increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results dramatically – let Bizyhood’s use of the most current schema rules do the work of introducing your business to even more potential customers. And Bizyhood works with leading citation services to keep your Name/Address/Phone (NAP) presence clean across the Web, too.

Co-Marketing Services

Partner with complementary businesses in town to share promotions, cross-promote each other’s business and drive local traffic.

Email Marketing

Market to your customers in the most effective method today – email. With Bizyhood, you can easily market to your customers without the hassle of having to create extensive campaigns.

Loyalty and Referrals

Track and reward loyalty and use Bizyhood’s tools to encourage referrals. Bizyhood’s loyalty program is a part of the one-stop shop of engagement tools for hyper-local businesses.

"Verified" Feedback

Keep it real – your customers will get a custom URL from your business so that they (and Bizyhood) know that feedback was submitted from a real customer. And Bizyhood will provide simple ways to integrate with your existing billing system, or provide a simple way to send out feedback requests directly through the site so that all engagement can be tracked and trusted.

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