About Bizyhood

Bizyhood was created to enable insight and conversation at the hyperlocal level. To us, hyperlocal means the happenings, businesses, and entities in your community that are meaningful to you, whether that community is where you live and work, where you grew up, or where you went to school. It can also include the place you are visiting for the weekend or going on vacation. Each of these places have their own personality, and people are increasingly exploring that personality online.

We had the same issue that all of you've had – there's no single or simple way to get that "local feel" from existing apps or websites. The only sites that provide content today take a "top down" approach to the information by automating the collection of consumer generated content, then presenting it to the user as authoritative. Some of these sites (such as Yelp, Foursquare, Angie's List, and Avvo) have offered limited success in large cities or in specific verticals, but they don't offer anything at the community level. What's needed is a "bottoms up" approach to this challenge, where each community has the opportunity to create their own discovery and engagement solution.

Bizyhood for Publishers is an easy to integrate platform for hyperlocal publishers (the local mavens of a community) that provides them with the engagement and discovery tools so that their consumer generated content (created by themselves and by members of their community) is widely consumed and shared online. We offer local publishers the capabilities to enhance their offerings and generate monthly revenue streams from the pillars of their community – the local businesses.

Bizyhood for Publishers also includes engagement tools specifically for local business owners to help them spread the word online and deeply engage with their local community. Bizyhood for Publishers offers local residents the ability to discover the businesses and events around them, and offers incentives for loyal customers.

Finally, a platform that brings together the best of the local community – the local maven, the local businesses, and consumers. Powered by Bizyhood, created especially for you. So, no matter where you go, every neighborhood will look like it's your very own.